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NIFF 2015 Review: The Lost Aviator (2014) ★★★★★

The lost aviator

Back in the 1930s, the world knew only a few big names from aviation world. Only one person managed to get people to look at him from a different perspective; some of them admired him for his achievement while some judged him for the choices he made. But in the end, he is remembered not as a pioneer British aviator, who flew all the way from London to Australia, but rather as the lost aviator. Set in the Golden Age of Aviation, Andrew Lancaster follows the fascinating, filled with drama, life and times of his great uncle, Captain Bill Lancaster. During his journey Andrew finds a remarkable part of Bill’s life that stunned the people back in 1930`s and made them talk about it even years later… This is the story of the Lost Aviator…

It’s almost impossible to describe the impression Andrew Lancaster’s film leaves after watching The Lost Aviator. The use of archived footage, a dramatic song that accompanies throughout the film makes you feel as if you were right there, in 1930s, to witness the absorbing journey traversed by Captain Bill Lancaster. When The Lost Aviator begins, we come to know that Bill Lancaster is Andrew Lancaster’s great uncle. So now imagine how much feeling, effort and hard work the filmmaker must have put into his project to make it worth watching…

Andrew Lancaster transports the viewer to the Golden Age of Aviation, showing us Bill Lancaster’s love of airplanes, his obsession and love for Chubbie Miller that compells him to leave his wife and two children behind. But the biggest surprise is yet to come when we reach to the climax of the story. We get close to finding out one of the greatest love triangles ever, where one party ends up dead – Haden Clarke. As the film progresses, Andrew, with countless interviews and rare archive footages investigates the cause of death of Haden Clarke, while we find Bill Lancaster on the bench of the accused as the main suspect of a possible murder.

In conclusion, The Lost Aviator is not an easy documentary film to review, as it’s really hard to keep all the delicious parts of this film from being covered here. However, you as a viewer must see it yourself in order to experience that unforgettable journey I had throughout film. And maybe after that you will realize what experiences and feelings Bill Lancaster had… But unfortunately, in the end Bill Lancaster meets what is not expected, which this film is all about… being lost in timeline, absorbed in despair and anticipation of something that will never happen…

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