Doc Review: Dreamcatcher (2015) ★★★★


Everyone deserves to have a life they dream of. Every child deserves to have an unforgettable childhood. Every teenager deserves to have a regular teenage life. Every woman deserves to love and to be loved. Everyone deserves a chance to fulfil their dreams. What those mentioned above don’t deserve is to be molested, raped, beaten, shot and stabbed by anyone who think have full rights to do it. But what if a woman, who is beaten, raped, and stabbed a prostitute? Who will help her catch her dream and get out of the lifestyle that one day can end her life? Why is the society divided in two factions: those who blame prostitutes for the career path they have chosen, and those, who support them and feel sorry for them for having to lead such a miserable life… if that can be considered as life….

Brenda Myers Powel spends 25 years of her life working as a prostitute because some individuals made her think that selling her body was the only thing she was born for. Serving one customer after another, being shot five times and getting stabbed 15 times did not stop Brenda from looking out to find a better life to live. But one fine day when she does that, she creates the foundation, called Dreamcatcher to help those like her, the way she always wanted to be helped. She starts feeling like a woman, like a human, like a person who deserves to have a violence free life, and not as an individual used by men to quench their sexual thirst.

Documentary film DREAMCATCHER follows Brenda’s current life as a happily married woman who, after all the trauma, nightmare, and hellish life she lived, finds her well-deserved happiness. And now she tries to introduce the same life to those who still think their life is worthless, and will never be able to achieve anything other than being a prostitute. We also get a chance to learn more about Brenda through the speech she gives to women whose lives are full of various kinds of abuse. One of her clients is a 15 year old girl who became what she is right now because her parents never really cared for her.

Dreamcatcher is quite a hard documentary film to watch. It makes you think throughout the film. It will also make you question how the society allows women to be abused in such horrific ways and still never consider them as the victim. Somehow, all those who have committed violent acts against prostitutes were able to get away with it because the society has turned their back on them and treats them as trash. Watching this film can teach us many things, but unfortunately, won’t reduce the amount of badly treated women, who happen to have less fortunate lives. But in the end, having Brenda Myers-Powell makes us believe that the fight is not over, and maybe one day in the future, the nightmarish life that some women live now will end while catching their dreams…

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