TV Movie Review: “The Surrogacy Trap” (2013)


There is always a chance for couples to have a child, even if they can’t conceive it on their own. Surrogacy is one of the alternate ways for them to fulfil their long-awaited dream. But what if the surrogate mother at the end of the term disagrees to give away the child she carried all nine months? Christy and Mitch Bennett desperately want to become parents. However, the third miscarriage of Christy forces them to look for another option – to find a surrogate mother who will carry their child. But when they find a seemingly perfect candidate, things quickly change after the contract has been signed. They soon discover that the young woman might not be as perfect as they first thought…

When The Surrogacy Trap begins, we find Christy at the office corporate event, pregnant and happy. But in the following scene her heart is broken when she once again loses her child. Shortly after, the news Mitch and Christy receive from the doctor ends their dream of becoming parents, as it is announced that Christy will be unable to carry a child. This is where the idea of finding a surrogate mother is born. When the couple meets Mallory Parkes at the interview process of seeking a candidate to become the surrogate mother, they both find themselves relieved, thinking they’ve found the one who will be able to make their dream come true.

Despite the clear point of the plot, and its predictable direction it aims to take, Adrian Wills’ film manages to keep the suspense till the end, which makes The Surrogacy Trap quite enjoyable to watch. Even seeing the interview scene, the viewer can tell quickly that Mallory Parkes has a hidden agenda, which is not necessarily a good one. But when Mallory becomes annoying and persevering in her requests, it becomes quite a creepy film from that moment on.

The Surrogacy Trap is made for TV. As you may know TV movies are usually never bad, moreover, sometimes they are more interesting than some Hollywood films with a predictable storyline. Mia Kirshner (The L World) is as usually convincing, as her Christy is quite a loving and caring wife who does her best to respond to any of Mallory’s insane requests in order to protect her unborn child. David Julian Hirsh as Mitch also performs his part as expected, to ensure that the viewer will see in him a person who someone like Mallory Parkes can be obsessed of. As what usually happens in TV movies, the delicious part of films like The Surrogacy Trap is always owned by villains, and Rachel Blanchard as Mallory Parkes enjoys every moment of it.

In conclusion, The Surrogacy Trap is worth spending your time. If you enjoy watching 90’s suspense thriller, then Adrian Wills’ film is the right choice for you. It’s interesting, engaging, appealing and has a talented cast, who will make sure that the time you spend on won’t be wasted. And of course there is always a lesson that can be learned that crazy and psychologically unstable people are everywhere. So in case you decide to hire a surrogate mother, ensure that you perform a full background check before you allow someone to become a surrogate mother.

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