Film Review: “You`re Not You” (2014) ★★★★

you-re not you

There are many diseases the human body can handle and fight against. But there are some that leaves not a single chance to recover. ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is one of them. Kate is a 35 year old, beautiful, successful businesswoman who loves playing the piano and is married to a handsome man, Evan (Josh Duhamel). But one day her happiness ends and the dreams are broken when she finds herself diagnosed with ALS. Evan and Kate hire a brash college student, Bec (Emmy Rossum) who becomes her caregiver. During this time, we’re getting a chance to see the beautiful transformation of Bec and Kate, who slowly loses her ability to move, but to realize that Bec is the only person who she needs in order to go through all what her disease has prepared for her…

You’re not you is a great example of how one person can see someone else in a way that others would have never seen. When George C. Wolfe’s film begins, we find Kate playing beautifully on the piano, and all of a sudden, she finds herself losing ability to control her fingers.  A year and half later, she no longer looks as the person in the beginning of the film, full of life and looking forward to an even happier future.  Shortly after we find Bec, who wakes up after a one-night-stand and is in a hurry for a job interview. Seeing her looks and  her inability to control her tongue, it’s hard to believe that this young woman will be the only purpose of Kate, who will see in her something more than Bec herself. The connection they make with each other becomes extremely touching and will leave the viewer breathless.

After seeing You’re Not You it’s hard to imagine who else would have been able to play the part of Hilary Swank or Emmy Rossum. I am happy for Emmy is finally appearing in such a powerful, emotional and absolutely brilliant film where only and only acting ability is required in order to share most of your scenes with the remarkable Hilary Swank. Emmy Rossum not only does that, moreover, she stands on the same level with Swank, handling flawlessly emotionally difficult scenes. Emmy Rossum’s Bec is spontaneous, always in wildly chaotic love affairs, and a would have been a rock singer if not for her stage fright. Kate is absolutely a different version of Bec, she’s a classical pianist and leads a much calmer life. It is amazing to see how both of them change throughout the film, where they explore new dimensions, get over regrets, and expand ideas who they eventually want to be.

In conclusion, you need to be prepared well before starting to watch such a wisely made and profound film about how one person’s life can be significantly changed from one moment to another. With sparkling performances delivered by Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum, You’re Not You will leave you in tears and will make you think about it afterwards. In the end, the only thing we, as a viewer, learn that there are so many versions of us to be explored, and a little time in our hands to notice that. It’s all about not missing the chance to be more observing, to let someone to see you the way you really are and be appreciated about it.

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