TIFF 15 Review: Every Thing Will Be Fine (2015) ★★

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It’s not easy to make a movie about an event that occurred eleven years ago, unless that filmmaker is Boyhood’s Linklater. What occurs in EVERY THING WILL BE FINE is very tragic, interesting and could have been told in a very profound way. However, Wim Wenders fails to execute it due to the cast who appear to be not much inspired with the plot.

Film begins with Tomas Eldan (James Franco) in progress of writing his second book. On his way to meet his fiancé, Sara (Rachel McAdams), he accidentally kills a young boy. After that accident, John tries to forget about it and find a way to rebuild his life. But after eleven years when he puts the tragedy behind, he realizes that the past is not done with him yet….

As the film progresses, which happens very slowly, you try to follow John and understand the pain he has to go through, however, you will find it unbearable to even continue watching it. James Franco as Tomas can’t convince us with anything that was written in the script. Despite having such a great story that could have turn into a great drama movie, due to poor performance of the entire cast, the film fails to deliver anything from the beginning to the end.

By the time when you realize that 11 years have passed since the accident, you no longer know if you’re watching a movie or a mini-series. Wis Wenders had an excellent idea of how to make his film watchable, however, it does not happen. And that’s not because of his fault, but the lead cast he chose to play in his film. And as I have mentioned above, James Franco seems like he can’t act in serious roles… not anymore….

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