TIFF 15 Review: The Meddler (2015) ★★★★★


Sometimes when you lose someone you love, your life starts becoming meaningless and hopeless. And all what you want is to forget about the rest of the world and concentrate on your grief. But what happens in THE MEDDLER is something quite the opposite. Marnie is an aging widow. She feels lonely and heartbroken. In order to get over the sadness that took over her mind, she follows her daughter, Lori (Rose Byrne), to L.A with the hope of starting a new life. But when she meets other people who’re in more need than her, she starts helping them to make their life better and happier. But why does she do it? Is it because she is that kind or because she wants to fill the emptiness in her heart caused by her sudden loss?

THE MEDDLER is one of those films which is hard to define which category it is from. Most of the time it makes you laugh, but meantime, you can’t help yourself but feel sad for Marnie no matter how hard she tries to hide the grief she has in her heart. When she follows her daughter to L.A., Marnie decides to stay close to her daughter as much as possible. Meantime, she decides to volunteer at a hospital, and helps a lesbian couple with their wedding. And all these time, all what Marnie wants is to see people around her filled with joy and happiness.

THE MEDDLER is a movie that will win your heart. It has a winning balance of insight, heart, laugh, cleverly written dialogues, and charming character like Marnie who you will simply adore for anything she does. Lorene Scafaria creates something incredible, a joyful, enchanting and absolutely hilarious movie with heartwarming and the kindest characters ever written for the film. Susan Sarandon delivers one of the dazzling, funniest, and absolutely superb performance in her career. From the moment on when her Lori comes on screen, you can’t help but smile all the time while the entire movie is filled with great energy and positivity. You truly wish it never comes to an end.


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