TIFF 15 Review: 45 years (2015) ★★★★★


Have you ever questioned yourself, how would you prefer to celebrate your 45th wedding anniversary? No doubt your answer would be with lots of laughter, surrounded by those who you love, and cherishing moments with your loved ones.  What happens in Andrew Haigh’s film is something I’ve never seen before; it’s profound, honest, real, and extremely tragic. Meantime, it’s great study of how 45 years of marriage can be ruined in a moment. Kate and Geoff spent the last 45 years together. Their marriage was as happy as possible until the moment when he receives a life changing letter. From that moment on, Kate, whose head was full of plans to recreate the day of their wedding and make the day unforgettable is occupied with restoring a relationship of her husband from 50 years ago, which not only turns everything upside down, but the whole 45 years of life she’s spent with a man who she can hardly recognize….

45 years, directed by Andrew Haigh, begins with Kate and Geoff who are about to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. He appears to be very calm, loving and genuine, while Kate is a very caring wife who is ready to handle the entire preparation process. But what you see in the beginning disappears quickly when Geoff receives a letter about his ex-girlfriend’s passing. Even though he dated her almost 50 years ago, Kate starts questioning him about the unknown woman, but soon realizes the answer she is about receive is not pleasant… But once the curious woman’s heart starts pounding due to growing interest, both will change fundamentally, making you wonder what does 45 years mean for one couple… if they have one big secret that can wipe all good memories and leave only the latest one?

45 years is very inspirational but meantime sad movie to watch. It’s fascinating to see how the characters develop so quickly, giving enough room for actors to play each part in an incredibly realistic way. Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay own their part in a way that will leave you stunned. If you like watching movies about character study, and more important, about marriage or how one little thing can tear the whole life apart within 1 hour and half, then Haigh’s 45 years, with master class performances is the only movie you must look forward to see.

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