TIFF 15 Review: Eye in the Sky (2015) ★★★★


It seems that filmmakers nowadays are trying to research and tell as many stories as possible about Drones. But that does not mean they are definitely going to succeed in that mission. However, what I’ve seen in EYE IN SKY, directed by Gavin Hood, is something that certainly deserves your attention as it’s filled with suspense, drama and uncertainty which will give the last order to eliminate the target that may consume the life of a little girl who happens to sell bread right in the corner of a house.

EYE IN THE SKY follows Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) who engages US Military, Kenya and British Office to finalize the last preparation before she gives an order to eliminate the target she has been following for the last 6 years. But previously the mission was just about being a vigilant eye in the sky. But once she gets a confirmation that her target is preparing for another suicide bomb attack, Colonel Powell seeks for an approval to enhance the mission from capturing to eliminate.

But it becomes difficult to complete the mission when a little girl is sent by her father to sell bread right on the corner of the house which the drone operator is about to hit.  While the Government decides their next step and calculate the possible aftermath of the attack, the viewer will have to watch with high anticipation while intensity increases with every scene to the maximum possible limit. And by the time when it ends, you will have to once again witness the cost of war and its consequences.

In conclusion, EYE IN THE SKY is a perfectly executed political thriller with solid performances of everyone involved. The story itself is also written cleverly, showing you the real thing that could have happened in real life, not just to culminate in a juicy ending where you will have to applause as it usually happens in Hollywood movies.

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