TIFF 15 Review: I Saw the Light (2015) ★★★★


Making biopic films is one of the most challenging tasks ever for filmmakers because of one simple reason: there’s always someone who will critique by saying, this or that part of the story is not accurate and poorly executed. But that’s not going to apply to Mark Abraham’s I SAW THE LIGHT. It’s about the country singer Hank Williams who lost his life tragically at the age of 29.

I SAW THE LIGHT follows the life of Hank Williams and begins with December 1944, when Hank is on his way to write his name down in history. Meantime, he sings with his wife Audrey, who is his duet partner. But she does not have the voice and talent that Hank has and is quickly eliminated from the music industry. We also find out about his chronic back pains that will cause him troubles in the future; his addiction to alcohol, divorce, and becoming a father from multiple relationships.

Abraham’s I SAW THE LIGHT is a delightful film to watch. It covers all the important parts of William’s life and gives a better picture about his personality, famous songs he performed, and a fame that won’t fade away even after his death. Tom Huddleston takes on the challenging role, to not only portray William, but also perform his tunes. In his voice you can feel his desire and passion and dedication he portrays to bring back to life Hank Williams, although just for a while. Elizabeth Olsen has already proven she can be an A-List actress if she wishes so. Her Audrey is sometimes likable, vulnerable, but meantime a woman with sensitive reputation.

In conclusion, if you’re a huge fan of country music, or simply would love to see the amazing duo of Huddleston-Olsen, then there’s no better way to see it other than watching I SAW THE LIGHT.


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