TIFF 15 Review: Mr. Right (2015) ★★★★


Once upon a time there was a young lady named Martha (Anna Kendrick). She was happy with her boyfriend until the moment when she finds him with someone else. Feeling heartbroken, devastated and disappointed in her relationship, she goes out for a walk. And this is when she finds her Mr. Right, Francis (Sam Rockwell). He is intelligent, fast, handsome, and admires her presence. But he has a highly paid job he does not mind sharing with her: he is a hitman! FBI and CIA try to track him down for years. He runs from the crime cartels who employ him. So who is he, Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong for Martha? You might choose the second option, but Martha feels otherwise.…

Film begins with Sam, who is on his way to hotel where he is about to complete his mission, to kill a woman’s husband, but what happens next is quite hilarious. Sam does not feel it right to kill an innocent man, so what he does is… kills the woman who ordered to kill the husband! This is where you find out that our Mr. Right is not interested in killing anymore, but kills those who ‘place an order’.

But the hilarious part of the film starts when Sam and Martha meet in the store. He right away puts cards on the table and invites her for a date. During that time he manages to kill another bad guy, and moreover, tells her about it. Martha finds all his stories amusing and accepts them as a joke until the moment she realizes it all was true. But instead of running away from him, she starts falling for him even more, enjoying every dangerous moments she has because of him.

Mr. Right is written in an extravagant way by Max Landis and directed with style by Paco Cabezas. It’s totally unexpected seeing how Cabezas’ film turns out to be an enjoyable, funny ride film where Anna Kendrick proves once again why we must see any film she appears in. While Sam Rockwell performs a bad-guy version of James Bond, he manages to nail certain scenes so flawlessly that it makes you complain about nothing. But more importantly, this film has some great lines that will make you laugh throughout the film. And believe me, not every comedy can make me laugh… and if it worked on me, then most likely, it will have the same effect on you.

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