TIFF 15 Review: Maggie`s Plan (2015) ★★★★

Maggie’s Plan Credit: Courtesy of TIFF

There is no easy way to review Rebecca Miller’s Maggie’s Plan. Not because it’s a bad movie and worth none of our time. Not at all. It has an interesting concept that will make you think and think why Maggie actually plots that kind of plan. But if you give a chance and travel with Miller into Maggie’s mind, you might not agree with her 100%, but once you see people who become, if I can put it this way, ‘victims of her idea’, then you will certainly appreciate not only her existence, but moreover, be grateful for whatever she has done.

Maggie (Greta Gerwig) wants to become a mother, but not in the ‘old fashioned way’. She convinces a salesman with a mathematical mind and a university professor and novelist, John (Ethan Hawke) to become sperm donors. While the first one agrees to do so, John actually falls for her and ends up marrying her. At the end of the day, Maggie ends up having two children instead of one. But if you think that is all what Maggie’s plan was about, then you’re certainly mistaken. As Maggie grows older she realizes not everything is in order and wants to fix what’s broken because of her. But will her plan work out or not is something I already know. But now, it’s your turn to find out.

What I liked most in Maggie’s Plan is the character development. Hawke’s John appears for us a vulnerable, smart, but meantime lost married man, who does not know which way to go. Maggie herself seems to know what she wants from her life and has a precise plan. But when it comes to controlling her own feelings, she fails. Georgette (Julianne Moore) is John’s wife who seems to love her husband, but is too picky, too critical when she needs to step up and help keep her marriage. All sorts of things help Maggie in her plan and make her life easier in executing it. But as you may know, since when can you execute a plan so easy when it touches so many lives?

What makes Maggie’s Plan so brilliant is its whole idea. It’s a very thoughtful movie by all means. It talks about marriage that will fall apart any way. It talks about man who will still make a mistake. It talks about young woman, who no matter what, wants to make her dream come true. But the main reason of this film is Maggie, who serves much bigger purpose than you can even imagine. She is the bridge between to be or not to be. But which side Maggie will take is you who must find out.

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