Documentary Review: “Meet the Patels” (2014) ★★★★

meet the patels

While North America and Europe enjoy the contemporary way of dating, there is one family in the world that will create a bio data, will make their son travel from one city to another, and call a family meeting to discuss how they can marry their dearest son, Ravi Patel. Ravi is not in a hurry to jump with joy, however, he takes the family’s proposal with enthusiasm, but deep in his heart keeps a big secret that can break his parents heart – that he is not only dating an American girl, Audrey, for last two years, but she is the only one for whom his heart is ready to pound.

No matter how dramatic the above synopsis may sound, MEET THE PATELS is surprisingly charming, heart-warming, moving and ridiculously funny documentary film co-written and directed by Geeta and Ravi Patel. The Patels don’t go far with the plot and take us right inside their family where we find out how Ravi’s parents met each other and moreover, get insights about the “peaceful invasion of the Patels”, first in India, and then all over the world.

As the film unfolds, and happens in a quick and an entertaining way, you will get a chance to get closer to the Indian culture and their family values. Getting married the way they do, the Western World may find it old fashioned. But when you see the way the Patels build their family, you will understand that most of the time the families built in the so called, ‘old-fashioned’ way turns out to be one of the strongest, loyal and stands the test of time. It is also funny seeing how Ravi Patel tries to fulfil his parents’ wish by going on one date after another. However, every time he meets someone, he can’t find a real match like the one who he hides in his heart from his family.

In conclusion, MEET THE PATELS is one of those documentary films that will melt your heart, make you feel good and happy. It’s an absolute delight seeing how one family’s journey could be turned into something amazing. Not only does it talk about important values such as family, loyalty, retaining the culture and never losing it but also about the importance of not being close-minded and open your heart to the unknown for your culture to be seamlessy combined.

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