Film Review: “Perfect Sisters” (2014) ★★★

© 2014 - Gravitas Ventures
© 2014 – Gravitas Ventures

There are a billion ways to change your life from worse to best, or the other way around. And killing has never been one of them. Linda Anderson (Mira Sorvino) is not a perfect mother. Despite loving her children very much, it does not stop her from abusing alcohol and having relationships with abusive boyfriends. But that does not mean the plan her two daughters plot against her is what she deserved. Not at all. Sandra (Abigail Breslin) and Beth Anderson (Georgie Henley) are teenage girls whose lives are far from happy. And all what they want is to change it. And the only option they see to improve their lives and free themselves from their troubled mother and her boyfriends is to kill her. But the question is, who else can they blame in having an unfortunate life after eliminating the “biggest problem” in their lives, if not themselves? But can their still young and immature mind think that far ahead to stop themselves from making that fatal mistake, is unfortunately not what this film is about.

Based on the true story of two Canadian sisters who murdered their alcoholic mother after her relapses. Once the movie begins you already have some idea that there’s no good things you should expect from its outcome. The voice of Sandra narrates for us how she and Beth were alone in this cruel world. The life they had was the only thing they wanted to escape. Their mother sees only brutal and abusive boyfriends, and one of them is Steve Bowman (James Russo) who has an eye on Beth. After seeing no way out of it, the not so perfect sisters plot a murder of their 44-year-old mother. When police arrive at the scene, they rule it as an accident, where an alcoholic woman, having slipper into a booze-and-pill stupor, drowned in her own bathwater. But what happens next is what might shock the viewer and will find himself agreeing with one of the famous sayings, “an apple never falls far from the tree.”

It was interesting seeing the filmmaker’s point of view after seeing the way he had to develop the story. Sandra and Beth appear to have a free life, dating whoever they want, and do whatever they want. But those things happen when they are outside of their house. But when they get back in, they find their lives as a nightmare they wish to change. Sandra, who appeared in the beginning of the film as a very caring daughter changes significantly after a few accidents happening at home. But the most terrifying scene, and perhaps is a true reflection of society and the way they handle the escalated or reported problem is the scene when tired of having a nightmarish life, Beth calls a social worker reporting not only her mother as an alcoholic, but also her relationship with troubled men, who would never hesitate to hit her mother. The social worker suggests to gather evidence and record everything that might bother them before calling back. And of course, if the social worker would have taken Beth’s words seriously, perhaps the events happening afterwards would have never occurred. But that’s an unfortunate reality of a failing system most people and future victims of crime must face every day.

Perfect Sisters written by Fab Filippo and Adam Till and directed by Stanley M. Brooks may not be a perfect film, but certainly reaches its aimed target. The whole point of making this film is not to create a masterpiece, but deliver a solid film with disturbing subject matter for us to learn from it. Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley perform their part as truthfully as it was possible. The actor’s intention was not to show the sisters as victims, but rather as cold-blooded murderers, who could have easily changed their lives in a better way if they had not commit the inexplicable crime

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