Italian-Canadian director Alberto Diamante launches Indiegogo campaign for “The Bookstore”


Alberto Diamante
Alberto Diamante

Toronto Filmmaker Crowdsources Support for Feature about Love and Poetry

Italian-Canadian director launches Indiegogo campaign for “The Bookstore”

An award-winning Italian-Canadian director Alberto Diamante and producer Galen Brown launched a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Indiegog­­­­­o in support of their new film “The Bookstore”. The 30-day campaign aims to raise $100,000 to fund the initial production of the film, which is slated to being shooting in January 2016. “The Bookstore” Indiegogo campaign will run until 17 November, 2015. Individuals can contribute at

“The Bookstore” tells the story of George D’Amico, a cranky shopkeeper, who, through helping a teenager win over a girl’s heart, finds inspiration to resolve his own professional and romantic troubles. Starring writer and director Alberto Diamante, “The Bookstore” takes a heartwarming, yet comical look at the relationship between love and literature.

“It’s the kind of film that makes you feel smarter,” says Mr. Diamante. “A film that respects audiences’ intelligence by sharing a passion for literature, creativity and poetry. After you see this film, you will appreciate literature more. Oh, and I almost forgot…. it’s hilarious!”

Alongside Mr. Diamante, the film features a cast of young, Canadian talent including Sharon Belle, co-star of the mega-hit web series “Carmilla”, Andre Colquhoun, Madison Claringbold and Alexandre Bourgeois.

“The Bookstore” is Mr. Diamante’s third feature film. His first film, “Ulysses” (2006), won “Best Picture” from the Young People’s Jury at the Bergamo Film Festival, where it was also the overall runner up. His follow-up feature, “Love…and other reasons to panic” (2007) is currently available across various platforms including iTunes, Google Play, and Mr.Diamante’s screenplay “Skin” is currently in pre-production.

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