Film Review: “Thelma & Louise” (1991) ★★★★★

thelma and louise

There are many movies which can be considered one of the greatest of all times, and certainly, Ridley Scott’s THELMA & LOUISE is among them. After so many years, every time you get back to re-watch this masterpiece, you find yourself thinking, will this movie ever get old? And how can it be, if Scott’s film is like “a fine wine which gets better with age.” This film touches upon one of the important characteristics every human being should have: an ability to have a strong friendship that won’t be broken no matter what. With saying that, Thelma and Louise’s relationship can be used as a great example of a real friend who is with you, not only when your life is full of happiness, but when everyone, and even the whole world has turned against you.

It’s hard to say what went wrong in Louise (Susan Sarandon) and Thelma’s (Geena Davis) road trip plan. Is it because of Thelma who hangs out with wrong men, or Louise’s desire to teach a lesson to a rapist, who wanted to take advantage of a completely drunk Thelma? Or perhaps, meeting another problem, in the face of young thief, J.D. (Brad Pitt) who added fuel to the fire which caused a big explosion of two friend’s escape plan. Anyhow, at some point, the two realize the trouble they got into will take them nowhere but to an electric chair. But will it stop them from having one last final fun before they head to the sky is a matter of time….

When the movie begins, and it does with Hans Zimmer’s beautiful score, you find Thelma and Louise eagerly talking about their two-day-escape-plan from a routine life. But once two friends get into the first night club, Thelma ends up being sexually assaulted by a rapist. Thankfully, Louise manages to help her friend, but after a minute of confrontation with the rapist, Louise pulls the trigger that not only kills a man, but their long-planned plan of having an unforgettable journey. Being afraid that police won’t believe them, the two find themselves on the run, where one trouble after another hunts them down, making them decide which way they want to go in order to preserve what they have achieved in the last few days….

Thelma & Louise is the film that will make you never get tired of watching, not now, not even years later. The performance delivered by Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis is speechless and incomparable. The way they nailed their characters deserves extra attention. Each dialogue they deliver is something you will want to listen all over again. Still young Brad Pitt also plays a significant part in this film putting the two women from bad position to worse. Harvey Keitel as Hal and Michael Madsen as Jimmy are true heroes in this film, who tried hard to prevent the unpreventable… But that is not what matters in Ridley Scott’s film, but its celebration of cinematic achievement, that the movie made in 1991 still alive, young and ready to have a long life.

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