EUFF 15 Review: “Committed” (2014) ★★★


Sometimes when you have a hard time making life-changing decisions, you need something to happen in order to push you towards what you should have done long time ago. George, after having an argument with his fiancé, leaves the house and drives in an unknown direction. On his way to nowhere he meets a runaway bride, who also is in search to find an answer. The seemingly two different people must share the same road, experience, and learn how to be more open to new changes….

When the film begins, we find George, whose conversation over the phone with his girlfriend ends in disappointment, while both try to find a reason of their failing relationship. Under pressure, our hero tries to cool himself down by driving in the first direction he sees. On his way out of angriness he finds a bride, who also does not look that happy. George agrees to give her a ride, not knowing that this day will bring him satisfaction, comfort and realization in something that he could not find courage to do….

As the film progresses, you will get a chance to find out a bit more about the bride and George. While both can’t find happiness in their personal lives, the two try to find out about each other on their way towards something remarkable for them. It is also interesting to see how the feelings of the bride and George changes towards each other. As they continue discussing their life, the purpose of having a relationship, or why marriage is so important, they both will come to realize that perhaps there must be a reason why they meet each other on the road.

COMMITTED, written and directed by Stelana Kliris, is an enjoyable film to watch. However, the dialogues written could have been much better, in-depth and profound. In spite of feeling a little satisfaction after you watch the film, it won’t stick in your memory as one of the best you’ve ever watched. Kliris’ approach here is quite visible and certainly deserves an applause, however, the film sometimes misses its point, which is unfortunate, when you have such a great story. Melia Kreiling as the bride does her best to be as convincing as possible while Orestes Sophocleous fails to do the same. The emotions he sometimes expresses is not believable and makes you care about his George less than you could have expected.

In conclusion, COMMITTED is not that bad a film to miss, if you watch it without high expectations. However, it never leaves an impression of being a slow movie. It never had an issue with character development, but rather the poor performance of a leading actor, who should have been much more convincing. Probably, if not for that, Kliris’ film could have been much better. But that is something we will never know….

4 thoughts on “EUFF 15 Review: “Committed” (2014) ★★★

  1. The way I see the ending is George already has feeling and desire for Eva, by drawing her back to kiss her. She, in turn, encourages him to be brave and courageous in his pursuit of adventure. She also leaves the wedding garter by his rearview mirror. Regarding to George’s unseen girlfriend, it is quite obvious George missed the 8pm deadline by a long shot based on the goodbye between George and Eva is in total darkness of the night. Cyprus in the summer or early fall (based on their clothing and feeling hot in a wedding gown), though I’ve never been there myself, is unlikely to be completely dark before 8pm.

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