EUFF 15 Review: “Noble” (2014) ★★★★★


The only news you hear on TV is how our world is turning from bad to ugly, how the kindness and humanity of people disappears leaving only ashes. But how many of us ever heard of Christina Noble, who saved over 700,000 Vietnamese children including the street ones? Just knowing that would have inspired people to follow her footsteps, or perhaps, do something that would have inspired other people to do the same. Thanks to the film written and directed by Stephen Bradley, this film shows how unbreakable, persistent, strong spirited Christina Noble is, so that she managed to do what looked undo able to many.

Christina Noble, at 5 years, has a beautiful voice and an enchanting soul. She sings for the cheering crowd in local bar, helping to raise her spirit. Her father is an alcoholic, and mother severely ill. Soon, her beloved mother loses her life, and the children, their home. After refusing to look after his own children, Christina’s father leaves them in an orphanage. Many years later, already in Vietnam, an adult Christina walks on the Vietnamese street and recalls her own painful memories from childhood. Seeing street children hungry, and looking for the food in the garbage bin reminds her of herself when she was at the same age.

Being religious, Christina always talks with God, asking Him to guide her. Meantime, with flashbacks, the viewer is taken back when Christina is 17 years old: sexually assaulted, and soon after pregnant. Having so many reasons to implode and give up emotionally, Christina finds the strength to get up and fight for her life again. This helps her to become a much stronger human being, and find herself dreaming of Vietnam in one of her dreams, that eventually leads her to Vietnam, where she helps many children to escape the life she had.

Noble is truly powerful and moving drama with inspiring true story that everybody must know about. It clearly shows that our future is defined by our past. It’s about one human being who had incredibly difficult life, but finds courage to move forward, and direct all her energy, bravery and determination towards something remarkable, that helps her alone to fight against the system and find sponsors that finally helps her to build a perfect place for over half a million children in Vietnam. Bradley’s approach here is simple: to tell the story the way it is to ensure that in the end, it will leave an indelible mark in your heart.  And for you, my Mr and Ms. Reader I have great news, this film will fill your heart with warm feelings and gratefulness that there is at least someone in the world who does something useful to help others. And now tell me, what can be better that this?


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