Film Review: “The Holiday” (2006) ★★★★★


There is always a positive energy, light and warm feelings coming from any character created by Nancy Meyers. However, none of them manage to raise a festive spirit like it happens after watching “The Holiday” with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black and incomparable Eli Wallach. What happens here is very interesting; all of Meyer’s characters suffer a serious but not incurable disease: heartbrokenness. Two women are trying to escape their daily life in order to forget men that left their hearts empty. However, what they do is even more fascinating; the two women build a bridge between two continents and find what they have been looking for; an unexpected comfort, friendship and a person who cares about them more than they could have imagined.

Iris (Kate Winslet) is a successful book editor who lives in London, while Amanda (Cameron Diaz) is an acknowledged movie trailer maker from L.A. They both decide to switch their houses to rest themselves from men that cause their heartache, disappointment and sickness that made them feel depressed. Without even meeting each other in person, our heroines agree to travel from one country to another, with a little knowledge of the area. But to their great surprise, they will not only be able to fall out with the guys they wanted to distance themselves from, but gain back their clipped wings by falling in love again….

Meyers’ The Holiday is one of those films that brings you cosiness in a cold and harsh winter evening by creating such a warm, feel-good atmosphere. The approach the renowned filmmaker takes is truly amazing, by turning the leading cast into sensitive, charming and gentle human beings that you can’t resist from falling in love with them immediately. Even the opening scene delivers a strong confidence, so much so, that the same strong pace will continue throughout the film and endlessly cheer for its heroes. Each actor shares a sweet chemistry, which makes you difficult to imagine someone else to match with Cameron Diaz or Kate Winslet the way Jude Law and Jack Black’s appearance did.

The Holiday is about choices, willpower, and determination that two women find strength to fight for. It’s about escaping the love, and then, to find it again. It’s about love that can be cured only by love. Certainly, Iris and Amanda will be able to find that path that will lead them to long-term happiness, while two men will do the same, being beside those women. This is why The Holiday is a very special film that should never be missed not only throughout the year, but to be added to your must-watch-list every time, when you want nothing but to watch a film that will make you feel good.


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