Film Review: “What Women Want” (2000) ★★★★★


Do you really need to have a special gift in order to understand women better? Apparently, Nick Marshal desperately needed one, after being so self-centered and selfish towards women. This happens after an accident that gives him the ability to hear what women are really thinking. First, he tries somehow to get rid of the gift, but soon realizes that he must use it as an advantage to learn about women better by reading their thoughts. At first, he succeeds in it, however, everything you learn has its own price…. But is Marshall willing to pay it in order to get what he really wants?

Nick Marshal (Mel Gibson) dreams of becoming a creative director in a big company, however, finds himself deeply disappointed when Darcy Maguire (Helen Hunt) is being hired for that position instead. The first day at the meeting Darcy assigns a task to everybody to think about what women really want in order to sell their products better. Well, Nick takes the task seriously to prove that he deserves the director position better than Darcy. Later in the evening, Nick starts trying an outfit that only women wear. This is when the accident happens, when all of a sudden he gains a powerful gift – to learn reading women’s mind. Despite being full of challenges, Nick discovers an absolutely unseen world where he learns not only about women, but about himself as well… and that after all he is not as bad as he was thinking about himself… or is he?

Nancy Meyers’ What Women Want brings back the time when romantic comedies were fantastic to watch. It’s when you laugh and cry at the same time throughout the film. It’s when the great mix of writing, directing, musical score, and the performance finds its perfect blend to target the audience with high expectations. It gives light to the subject that many men would like to know: what women really want. But in the end, this film makes you wish to have more romantic comedies with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. But since there is only one, you have no choice but to enjoy it as many times as you want.

It’s hard to imagine the outcome of this film if it would not be directed by Nancy Meyers. She always manages to bring out the best from her actors. Her ability to feel the story, and envision it ahead of time what makes this film so incomparably beautiful to watch. In spite of having a feminine touch, Meyers makes this film understandable for men as well, that can help them to use it as a tool to know women better. It delivers a right amount of humor, drama, well written lines, and lesson that we all must learn from it. But in the end, what this movie does is unite all type of categories of viewers in one, making them enjoy this film equally. After all, it’s not always about what really women want, it is about you, who must decide what is it that women want that’s not being told in this film? Whatever it is, there is no need to answer this question, as long as you know what it really is.

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