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Darrin Rose`s CSA: Academy Social Red Carpet Interview


MOVIEMOVESME: From working in a software compare to becoming a comedian, can you talk about your journey?

Darrin Rose: Sure. I stopped doing that because I got tired of waking up early in the morning and I wondered if there is a way I could just work for an hour at night? It’s easier you know; I don’t have to wake up early, there’s no heavy lifting and the hours are easy. So it really is better than having a real job.

MOVIEMOVESME: You’re a stand-up comedian and also a TV host. How do you manage both?

Darrin Rose: It’s much easier to be a stand-up comic and TV host than it was being a brand manager of Heinz and stand-up comic at night. As an open mic I get to learn to do comedy; I’ll be out in clubs all night trying to figure out how to be funny and then wake up in the morning and sell baby food to grocery stores across Canada. So the TV host thing is way easier. I’m allowed to swear when I do stand-up, that’s the only difference.

MOVIEMOVESME: What do you like most about audience?

Darrin Rose: I love the audience; it’s fun to do live shows where people are close to you. I like to mess around and talk to people; it’s like a new show each time, so at least it keeps things interesting for me. Most of the jokes I already know how they end, so it’s fun for me to learn things from the crowd.


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