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“Orphan Black” Star Kristian Bruun`s CSA: AcademySocial Red Carpet Interview



MOVIEMOVESME: In the third season your character has become a member of the main cast. Ho do you feel about it?

Kristian Bruun: It’s an actor’s dream to sort of grow into a role. They didn’t know if I was gonna do three episodes or six episodes in the first season and it just kind of grew; we all loved working with each other and it’s just great to be a part of the team. It’s like a family now, I’m part of the family and that always feels good.

MOVIEMOVESME: What do you like most about this show?

Kristian Bruun: Just that it is about family; about all these different types of families we have, whether it’s through genetic connection or it’s through friendships. Every iteration of relationships is dealt with and even though it’s science fiction it’s very universal; people can relate to it.

MOVIEMOVESME: What’s your favorite scene?

Kristian Bruun: Oh, there’s so many; some I’m in luckily enough and some other ones that are a little bit crazy. So, I love being tortured, love burying bodies, love shooting people by mistake, all that stuff is fun to do!



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