CINÉMA QUÉBÉCOIS 2016 Review: “There Where Atilla Passes” (2016) ★★★


Can someone come back to the country that took away everything he had? Can that person find peace when he tries to push every help he receives from the family? Atilla is a troubled young man who lives in Montreal. He creates trouble for his family, and gets into one when he’s outside of the house. But one day things will change for him when a new perspective appears where he finally allows himself to see things from a different perspective.

Atilla (Émile Schneider) does not appear as a likable character. He is quite rude towards his parents. He even tries to fight back when his friend got injured in one of the fights in the bar, where Atilla was one of those who involved. His uncontrolled temper will appear for you that it won’t take him anywhere but roll him into the abyss. One day when he finds a job at the kitchen of one of the local restaurants, Atilla makes a life-changing friendship that completely transforms him into a different and unrecognizable person.

As the film unfolds, we find out that Atilla is an adopted child from Turkey. What really happens in his past is something we are yet to find out. But that seems to have left a noticeable mark in his life, that shapes his personality who he is now. His current parents, Michel (Roy Dupuis) and Julie also do not have a fruitful marriage which impacts Atilla as well. One day, the young man finds himself being arrested by his cop father for smoking weed. But the interesting events will occur afterwards, when they both try to change their life significantly.

It si also interesting to watch films like “There Where Atilla Passes” where you expect the bad guy to turn worse. But the best thing about this film is that it never happens. The writer and a filmmaker of “There Where Atilla Passes”, Onur Karaman chooses an interesting path for his hero, which you will be very intrigued to follow. Because in this film it does not talk about violence, revenge, or murder – it touches the life the way It is – the way a young adult sees, and leaves it up to him to change it the way he wants.

In conclusion, “There Where Atilla Passes” is a great family drama with a compelling story. It is about a family that has to be tested with many challenges but find a way to fix an unfixable relationship. But it is also about how one taken chance; one single attempt can make a difference in one man’s life, who seemed did not want any changes. But on top of that, it’s a beautiful music that tells its own story, which, I am hoping, will be told in Karaman’s next film.

Screening time: There where Atilla passes… – APRIL 17 @ 5:30PM

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