CINÉMA QUÉBÉCOIS 2016 Review: “Cafétéria” (2016) ★★★★


There is always a choice between eating junk or healthy food. Those who prefer fast food to satisfy their hunger do not go far with their health, while those who eat home made food with lots of nutrition wins the lottery. By saying “winning a lottery” does not mean winning an actual lottery with lots of money, but to earn a good health condition that, perhaps, if you do win a lottery might allow you to enjoy a wealthy life much longer.

In Cocagne, Southeastern New Brunswick, the Reseau des cafeterias communautaires, pioneered by Racheal-Schofield-Martin offers something every single school in the world must do – promote healthy food. First, she started it in her own school, but gradually, expanded into more schools in the following year where every single community wanted to contribute into the health of their students.

It’s truly remarkable to see how much effort the people of Cogande put on a daily basis to promote the idea of importance of eating freshly made food. Every day they bring fresh potatoes from nearby farms, broccoli and many other things that made their students to check the kitchen first before they begin their classes. This, I must say, is one of the important things that helps students of Southeaster have a “delicious” approach to their lessons that I am sure helps them to study their courses better.

In conclusion, “Cafétéria” is one of the important documentaries films that must be seen by anyone who lives in the “fast-food-countries”. It must also be seen by any school principal who still feeds their students with unhealthy food that they themselves won’t be able to tell what is in it!

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