Hot Docs 2016 Interview: Susan Gluth on “Urmila: My Memory is My Power”

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It’s not easy to review this film as it touches a certain aspect of society that may turn my review into politics. But the endless power of this film is that it really makes you feel angry, but in the meantime, proud, that it is able to show something that many of us who live in cozy houses must see which is Susan Gluth`s documentary is about.

During the Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival in Toronto, I`ve got a very brief online interview with a filmmaker Susan Gluth, who might don`t have much to say, but surely, enough to give you a concise answer why her film is so important to be seen.

MOVIEMOVESME:  How did you find out about Urmila`s story?

Susan Gluth: I read an article about her in DER SPIEGEL, a newsmagazine in Germany.
MOVIEMOVESME: During the filming in Nepal, what is it that struck you most?

Susan Gluth: To talk about the past without being too explicit, to respectfully handle the girls’ demons (which are with them all time)

and the fact that we didn’t ask for a permit to make the film. We had one foot in prison the whole time.

And, most important not to make an NGO-film that is focussed on sorrow and grief to make you feel pity.

MOVIEMOVESME: How many locations did you have to visit to capture the story?

Susan Gluth: Four countries and within Nepal, countless locations in several districts.
MOVIEMOVESME: As a filmmaker what was the most important thing about this story that you wanted to share with us?

Susan Gluth: There are many things to share, you pick out the one that is most close to you, where you can identify with or where you are attracted by the most.

MOVIEMOVESME: It`s very inspiring to see how one young woman fights for slavery-free in her country. Her trip to Oslo was also very impressive. As you followed Urmila closely, I wonder, what is that impress you most about her?

Susan Gluth: Her ability to forgive her parents, her family. Her power to stand up against injustice. Her honesty towards the camera.


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