Inside Out 2016: “Last Men Standing” (2016) ★★★★


Sexual freedom. The ability to be who you always wanted to be is the greatest gift of all. To be able to become a part of the biggest movement that changes the vision and reality for millions of people can be interrupted by many causes, and one of them is brutal, the  unforgiving and cruel AIDS. But it’s not unbeatable….

Last Men Standing reveals that more than half of those living with HIV/AIDS in the United States alone are older than 50, and many of them gay men who would never allow themselves to dream to make through one of the darkest times of the United States, when many gay people within a short amount of time lost their precious lives to AIDS.

Film’s set in San Francisco, where everything began for eight men, who shares their incredible story that will touch your heart and soul. By the time when they were told that they won’t live for more than two years, the list of deceased people grows every hour. While the doctors prepare our heroes for their last departure, it’s fate, destiny or whatever it is, that presents them a gift of another few decades of lives, and still counting….

The cure may not be complete, but still a cure comes as a blessing and a sign for men to look for another meaning of life. But how they could have got one when they should have never been around when in their blood they have a ticking bomb in the shape of AIDS? However, as you watch the film, you understand that sometimes to have a life as an AIDS survivor is not so fruitful, as the struggle, financial problems and suicidal thoughts are always around, as if it were their own shadow.

In conclusion, Last Men Standing is a must see documentary film. In such a troubled world we live in, we all need to see this kind of film that will show us that sometimes there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if that light is not so bright. But it’s appearance; its presence is all what we need in order to keep going no matter what, the way you see in Last Men Standing.

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