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Inside Out 2016: “Suicide Kale” (2015) ★★★


What would you do if you find out that someone you care about, or your neighbor, friend or a friend’s friend is thinking of committing suicide? What would you do if you find all of a sudden a suicide note? The film directed by Carly Usdin might not be one of the greatest productions, however, it has a genuine purpose to serve.

Suicide Kale is a dark comedy and tells the story of Jasmine and Penn who recently started dating. In one of their visits to their married friends, Jordan and Billie, they find a suicide note with no name on it. Thinking of which of their friends wrote it, the two begin having a disturbing discussion about the suicide during their launch party hoping to identify which of the hosts left it….

Penn is more uncertain about her future, while her girlfriend Jasmine, seems clear about it. As they try to figure out their next step, it’s Jordan and Billie who seem to have issues in their marriage, but don’t know about it yet. When the letter was found, Penn and Jasmine become worried about their friends. As they try to make them talk during their launch party, more dark secrets come out, putting everyone’s stable life in danger.

As the film continues, you hear or see nothing, but ongoing discussion talking as if it were happening in real life. Was it intentional or not, but the actors did not put into their performance more effort, which makes it a bit awkward while you watch it as you don’t really see them caring about the subject matter, which was quite serious.

It’s not like Suicide Kale is an unwatchable film. The screenplay itself is written by Brittani Nichols, who plays Jasmine, one of the women who wants to prevent the suicide. It seems Nichols knew well what she was writing, which is quite admirable. Therefore, this is when you as a viewer ignore all the gaps the film has, or poor acting, but rather concentrate on Nichol’s story which was this film all about – if you know anyone who thinks of taking their life, do something to help. Do not wait until it’s too late….

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