ICFF 2016: “Me, Myself and Her (io e lei)” (2015) ★★★


There are always two ways of living a life: the way you want, and the way others want you to live. Federica is in search of her identity when she puts a five year relationship in danger by deciding to keep in secret the fact that last five years of her life she has lived happily with a woman.…

Federica and Marina’s five years flew like in a beautiful dream. However, the dream where only two of them were aware of their relationship, because of Federica who did not want to tell anyone about that part of her life. Marina is an actress who retired early to dedicate her life to a woman she is in love with. However, her being controlled and jealous makes Federica not too comfortable about her life, and once someone appears in her life she changes significantly.

It’s Marco Giorgio, a man who she met a year ago, again appears before Federica. It seems the woman, who has a teenage son and ex-husband she left behind, finds in Marco what she has been searching for. However, it’s Marina who is not ready to give up the love of her life without a battle, even if that battle is harmless.

As the story unfolds, we find out that Federica has always hesitated to tell her family about being in relationship with a woman. Marina, on the other hand played the game well to support Federica all these years. But the moment of truth will come to both women who need to decide whether to live apart, or finally come to terms with living together the way it will leave everyone around pleased.

Me, Myself and Her (Io e Lei) has an interesting concept where one woman does not want to come out of the closet and leave her comfortable zone behind. However, the feelings she has towards Marina is strong enough to break the rules she tried to follow all her life. But will Federica make a final decision and move on with her life is not a difficult question to answer, but is she willing to open up about her life and be happy is a choice only she and only she can make.

In conclusion, Maria Sole Tognazzi’s Io e Lei is worth seeing even though it may be forgotten shortly after you see it. Margherita Buy and Sabrina Ferilli’s appearance in this film certainly doubles the chance of leaving the auditorium fully satisfied, however, the film itself misses a dramatic part of it that you may find hard to be moved by. Even that fact should not stop you from not seeing it, as the filmmaker’s intention was not to create a masterpiece but to just tell a romantic story where one party does not want to take advantage of it fully.

Screening times and locations:
June 10 @ 9:30pm TIFF – Toronto
June 14 @ 7:00pm Cinematheque Quebecois – Montreal
June 14 @ 5:00pm Cinema Cartier – Quebec City

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