Film Review: “Jason Bourne” (2016) ★★★★


It happens sometimes that many movie lovers love to compare James Bond with the Jason Bourne character. But there is one big difference between the two iconic characters – one works for the government while the other one goes against it. By reprising the most cult personage Matt Damon has ever played, he once again proves that he is no worse than any other famous movie action stars, and perhaps even better, as he not only nails Jason Bourne, he brings charisma, uniqueness and boldness to a man whose intelligence and skills has no limits.

This time Jason Bourne recalls the past, but with the help of Nicky (Julia Stiles) he gets to solve the biggest puzzle, something he could never have anticipated. In the meantime, a new system is about to launch that will allow CIA to spy on its own people. You say it smells like a Snowden type of plot here? But it’s not like that. Bourne realizes that he might get a chance to find out the hidden truth about the death of his father, who he thought was killed after a terrorist attack. But the deeper he digs, he puts himself more into a web of lies created by people who he and his father thought could trust.

Also, a young analyst Heather Lee (played by super talented Alicia Vikander, Ex-Machina, The Danish Girl) approaches CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) with a proposal he finds hard to refuse. But soon after, the idea to recruit Jason Bourne back to the organization does not look so possible, and the assassin, Asset (Vincent Cassel), is sent after Bourne to finish what his predecessor failed to do. Shortly after, every cleverly-planned move will go wrong, while Jason Bourne looks for help in the face of the same analyst, who seems has her hidden agenda in the entire cat-and-mouse game. But the question is, who is the cat and who is the mouse, and who Jason Bourne really is what you will have to find out throughout the film.

The first half an hour of the film is so super fast that you most likely will forget about your popcorn. So my advice to you – don’t buy one! There was also no need to develop a storyline as it was already there way before the film began. As the story unfolds, you don’t feel much confused, despite having way too many things going on around. But if you like watching movies with a complicated but rich plot, then you should not mind seeing Jason Bourne at all. The action scenes, as well as the fight sequences were set and choreographed so skilfully that it will simply amaze you with its quality.

Paul Greengrass as a filmmaker not only manages to deliver a mind blowing action film, but takes you from one location to another, as if you were traveling along with Jason Bourne all over the world. While every character appears in the films seems were placed accordingly, it was Alicia Vikander whose talent was absolutely wasted in this film. Certainly, she was as amazing as Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Cassel were. But after seeing Jason Bourne, you could tell, if you follow Vikander’s films closely that this actress was not born for action films, but for dramatic and emotional films where she could shine in every scene.

In conclusion, Jason Bourne finally provides the answer we all wanted to know – his true identity. But with even that, you still feel there was more that could have been told. And that, hopefully will happen in the next series of Jason Bourne, if Paul Greengrass will ever decide to make another one. Also, Greengrass as a filmmaker delivers same high-class thrills while the film itself lives up to the expectation. From the start to the end it will deliver nothing but absolute enjoyment a Jason Bourne franchise deserves.

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