Fantasia 2016 Review: “Creepy” (2016) ★★★★★


Every time when I watch crime thrillers from international filmmakers, I see a big difference between Hollywood’s style and the rest of the world. That was so noticeable in Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s CREEPY that I simply could find no words to describe it. Kurosawa with his brilliant, breathtaking and absolutely mind-blowing thriller answers to Hollywood’s filmmakers in every possible way. CREEPY offers an outstanding look to a so-called “mixed characteristics psychopath” or a serial killer whose pattern he follows hard to catch or become recognized by the investigators. But sooner or later everyone makes a mistake, even one of the most intelligent murderers…

Takakura is a former detective who decides to quit his job after a civilian die at the police department. Blaming himself for the failure, Takakura, a year later finds himself as a Professor in Criminal Psychology, hoping that he won’t ever get back to the craft that he took way too personally. But with saying personal, soon Takakura finds out the true meaning of it when his colleague, Nogami, asks him to look into a six-year-old unsolved case that appears to have a criminal path.

In the meantime, Takakura’s wife, Yasuko, who just moved in to a new area with her husband develops a special bond with her neighbor, Nishino (Teruyuki Kagawa) who does not seem like wants to make friendship with anyone. But shortly after, when Takakura drowns himself into the deep investigation to solve the mystery, he interviews Saki, a teenage girl, who is the only survivor of her missing family. After paying attention to each detail she could scrap from her shaken memory, Saki provides enough information to Takakura to make him worry about the entire case. As a moment later, the investigator makes this case personal, as he starts noticing the same behavior that Saki’s parents had, in his own wife…
In order to follow he story line offered by Kurosawa, you should meet the following criteria; be an attentive viewer, pay attention to each detail, do not allow yourself to be distracted by foreign noises you may hear as you watch the film. More importantly, listen to everything the characters say, as it is very important for you to transport yourself into the creepy world of CREEPY, you, I am sure, will find extremely weird. But that is the least you should expect from this truly overwhelmingly impressive psychological thriller.

In conclusion, CREEPY is a fine movie with an element of drama, crime and thriller. It’s a wickedly intelligent movie that I am sure will take your breath away. The performance delivered is so convincing that you soon might stop reading the subtitles as you would not wish to miss any minor facial expression of the actors that not even a single line would be capable of delivering. So, in case if you see this film running in theaters near you, don’t think of missing it as I’ve never been more sure that you would truly enjoy Kurosawa’s movie from the start to end the way I did.

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