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Film Review: “The Dark Side of the Moon” (2015) ★★★★


Let’s get straight to the point to eliminate the back-and-forth decision making situation whether to see THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON or not. If you ask me whether it’s engaging, interesting and worthwhile seeing, I would say yes. But there’s more to that; it’s atmospheric, dark, somewhat elegant and perhaps, realistic. I mean, it might disappoint you that the conclusion you see is not what you would expect. But come on, since when do good guys beat bad ones? Do you think I am still wrong? Well, why don’t you turn on the TV to see the latest news?

Urs Blank (Moritz Bleibtreu) is a brilliant lawyer. He is intelligent, aggressive and capable of finishing the task he works on. Moreover, he is a merger, who works on merging two biggest pharmaceutical companies that promise to deliver to the market a medication that will soon cure millions of lives that suffer from MS (multiple sclerosis). Also, Blank meets young and wild Lucille (Nora von Waldstätten) who quickly turns the lawyer’s attention from his wife, Evelyn (Doris Schretzmaye) to a new lover. As a result, she takes him to her exclusive place, where with the help of her friends he takes a psychedelic mushroom trip from which he comes back a dangerously uncontrolled man.

The beginning of the film already gives you a high expectation that Stephan Rick’s movie will turn out to be an excellent one in which what exactly happens a moment after. After celebrating a big merging deal, a man comes forward to Blank and congratulates him for his success. But instead of giving a chocolate to Blank, he sends a bullet to his throat. Being in deep emotional shock, Urs tries to find a way to recover from the incident that happened right before his eyes. This is how he ends up meeting Lucille, who introduces him to the world he wished would have never been involved in.

With saying that, it’s not Lucille who should be responsible for Urs’ action. She even says that to Urs after confronting him that, “do not blame the mushroom for being who you are. The mushroom brings out the real person you always were.” Good or bad, Urs turns out to be a villain, but a struggling one. As he continues fighting against his own dark side, he finds out that the medicine that soon will go out may kill millions of people. But the question is, how the one who’s already drowning in police attention and already on run can save so many innocent lives, if he is not in position to be able to save his own?

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, if you allow me to say in a direct manner, is not a pleasing movie to watch. That, I must say, is not a bad thing. The beautiful scenery, camera work and yet, dark photography delivers an outstanding look of hidden animal nature that’s always been in human beings. It was just a matter of releasing it. It’s when you no longer can control your temper. It is when you are willing to kill a cat for stealing food which is what Urs does. Yes, drugs are bad and nobody should use it. But there are worse things than drugs in this world, and that’s – a human being, according to THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. So, if you don’t want to be the one, or any villain that appears in this suspenseful film, you might need to check it out to see what does it mean to live in the world where evil triumphs over good.

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