Film Review: “Equity” (2016) ★★★


There are many movies made about Wall Street, and some of them such as Trader, The Wolf of Wall Street or Wall Street with Michael Douglas are some among them. Now, you might say that all of them had male driven characters, where women played only a supporting part. And what about women, who also could have brought their fair share to the corporate world where only one language is spoken – money. Well, Meera Menon’s drama, EQUITY, looks like the one that we all have been waiting for. But will a little fish to survive in the ocean full of sharks? Sadly, my answer is “no” and here is why…

Naomi Bishop is a Senior investment banker at Cachet who is about to make a multimillion deal with young and promising company, IPO that promises to become one of the biggest social networking platform, like Facebook. Everything is good except few things: Naomi and her colleague, Michael with whom she is in romantic relationship with, are in the radar of the US Attorney’s office, who believes some dirty activities are going on behind the Cachet curtain. In the meantime, her colleague Erin is expecting to be promoted, however, instead she finds out about her pregnancy. Now, two women have to find a balance and get the deal signed, but will the corrupted world allow them to follow their guts is something, I am afraid, is only up to circumstances.

Samantha works for the U.S Attorney office who happens to be a friend of Naomi. But that happened many moons ago, until two different offices and job description set them apart. Even that, seemingly an intriguing part of the storyline fails to trigger a solid interest that would make you start biting your nails in the middle of the film. That still does not mean that the movie is not good to not invest your time, however, it’s not as powerful as you may expect it to be.

My first issue with EQUITY is its strong desire to create a female driven Wall Street drama instead to just allow the story to flow as it is. The attempt was so obvions that sometimes it becomes too distracted from its original purpose. Aslo, the screenplay was flat and uninspiring, which was quite unfortunate. Despite Naomi Bishop being very sensitive to her situation, you won’t feel much sorry for her due to the gap in the screenplay.

In conclusion, EQUITY could have been a decent film that would make us all proud of. Instead, it is just an average film where, in fact, it’s just bad storyline with some powerful performances delivered by Anna Gunn. Just because of that, Menon’s film is worthwhile seeing as a great example of how one actor can change the clock backwards, if required.


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