Film Review: “Our Little Sister” (2015) ★★★★★


Every story told in the film that we are so eager to watch is a journey we always would like to embark on ourselves, whether it’s drama, goofy comedy, action or a fantasy film. But some of them, like OUR LITTLE SISTER from the Japanese master, Hirokazu Koreeda wants you to extract the splendid storyline and spread it all over the world. Because it, whether you want or not, will make you feel happier than ever, free, comfortable and so calm, as if you were at your most desired place where you hear the tune of flying birds and nothing else.

Our Little Sister follows a remarkable and incredibly touching story of three sisters, Sachi, Yoshino and Chika whose, according to them, useless father leaves one thing behind that will turn their world upside down – in a very pure way. And that is their little and charming sister Suzu, whose appearance will bring a whole different meaning to their, seemingly, uneventful lives. One sister works as a nurse in the hospital; another one is a banker; the third one’s job is less exciting, but still brings her the most needed calamity. Suzu still goes to school. However, she has the most important job ever – to reunite a family.

What is more captivating about Koreeda’s film is its gentle approach, and how the relationship between three sisters described in such a nurturing, warm, affectionate and supportive way. And when their little lovely family gets an unexpected addition, they come together as a united force to provide every single support available to ensure that their little sister gets everything to make her life fulfilling. The character development, and four stories you see in the film are so unique, real and deep that it will bring a smile to your face, as every next scene is filled with endless positive energy that surely will charge you for the rest of your day.

Sachi is the oldest sister of three, and more independent. She seems to be the one who makes main decisions in the family, while two of them just quietly follow her. It also reveals the reason why Yoshino, Sacki, and Chika have never known about the existence of their sister, as their father, many years ago abandoned his family for another woman. Now, many years later after their childhood was stolen, it looks like Sachi is ready to commit the same mistake that was made by her father that tore the family apart. The thing is, Sachi is dating her colleague, a married man, who is willing to divorce his wife for her.

In conclusion, there are many wonderful things can be said about Koreeda’s film. However, none of those words would be enough to describe the enchanting atmosphere this film delivers. The performance delivered by Haruka Ayase, Masami Nagasawa, Kaho and Suzu Hirose is so fabulous, that you will lose the feeling of reality. Yet, it’s a story that was told in such masterful way that it will make you run and hug your sister so tightly like never before. With saying that, if you feel that there is not much energy left, see OUR LITTLE SISTER, as a real source of energizer.


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