TV Review: ‘Big Little Lies’ recap: ‘Living the Dream’


If you have not seen Big Little Lies’ Living the Dream episode, you better avoid reading everything written below, as it contains spoilers. And more importantly, in this episode, the things have finally started heating up, reserving the whole drama for next episode. After you watch it, you might want to take a cold shower.

What do we learn from episode three? Amabella’s birthday party, thanks to Madeline, got ruined. Jane opens up about her dark past and a one night stand that leaves her pregnant with Ziggy. Celeste and Perry go to their family therapist, hoping to fix their severely damaged marriage. Abigail decides to move to her father’s house as she no longer feels comfortable living with her mother. Renata gets as mad as she could get, but to push her agenda to make her daughter`s birthday happen, swallows the “pill” to make her daughter’s dream come true.

Perry once again is violent and physical towards Celeste. This time he grabs her by the shoulder so hard that it leaves bruises. Celeste is also not quiet, as she fights back verbally promising that if he does that again, she will leave him. Yes, she actually says that and Perry takes it literally. But the crucial part of this episode was Jane, who has a little argument with her son over her father’s name to appear on the poster board. Madeline had to witness the scene, but did not have to force Jane to tell her everything, as Jane herself was ready to tell the story of one night that left her abused by a man, named Saxon Banks.

As the third episode turns to be the most intriguing one, it however puts the beginning to the storyline that will eventually lead to the murder on trivia night. Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård deliver an interesting performance as a troubled couple who are madly in love with each other, but despite that, Celeste and Perry still hurt each other as much as they can. But in this case, it’s Perry who contributes into the violent relationship more than Celeste.

With having little opportunity to say about Living the Dream episode, you will find its characters, this time, waking up from that dream learning that real life is not as sweet as it is and that there are consequences of every action that needs to be faced. Unfortunately or not, one person won’t be able to get out of it alive after facing the true color of the harsh life… And let’s hope, that is someone who we will not miss much…

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