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Film Review: “Kushuthara: Pattern of Love” (2017) ★★★★

To watch a movie and to understand in the end the most profound meaning of love is an essential form of the art of learning and realization that we all must come to. By watching Karma Deki’s deep, moving and thoughtful Kushuthara: Pattern of Love, you will learn that love has no ending, whether it was in this life or in a previous one, or in the next… The one who loves will always find their significant other even if they both have to travel through multiple timelines… But are they meant to be together is the universal question, I am afraid, we won’t be alive to find out the answer to…

Kushuthara: Pattern of Love is a Bhutanese movie which follows a western journalist Charlie, who finds himself in a difficult situation with a married Bhutanese woman, Chokimo. Despite looking just as a regular passionate affair where a foreigner meets an exotic woman, this, however, appears as the surface, when by looking deep inside it, it will no longer be a simple story as it seemed so…

A man says to Charlie: “Love is when the happiness of the other person is more important than yours”. Charlie, obviously, will have to accept the reality of his situation, however, he in on a quest to find out why karma has brought him in this faraway place, and the reasons of his spiritual connection with Chokimo. As both of them are in search of the truth of their beings, the viewer will be offered to follow the life of two married couples from different timelines, that also at some point connected to Chokimo and Charlie.

The journey of Kushuthara is pure and gentle. It offers the viewer to go through the meaning of life, karma, and fate. It shows that true love not only won’t ever die, it will find its way to show up. Chokimo’s husband will say in the end: “being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. That means you have decided to look beyond imperfections.” I am afraid, Karma Deki’s movie won’t be able to find a wider audience and some of you may not even know it exists. But if to be honest, after watching this, this movie will make more sense to you than any Hollywood film. It will touch to the core and change you significantly. It’s truly an inspiring movie by all means, and yet has extreme beauty which I wish every movie would have.


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