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Canadian Film Festival 2017 Review: “#AnAmericanDream” (2016) ★★★★


#AnAmericanDream I intended to see as a part of the Canadian Film Festival. I had no hope or expectation from it when I started watching it. I read nothing about it, and did not expect it to fascinate me at all as long as it promised to stay on its course to educate William Bowman. But what I did not know is that I will end up watching it three times in a row, and not because I missed something, but because I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to extend the pleasure of viewing it as many times as time could allow.

Ken Finkleman’s #AnAmericanDream follows its title character, William Bowman (Jake Crocker), a 17 year old young man, who gladly uses “I have homework to do” as an excuse to avoid serious discussions with his father about his promising future. But during a football game at school when he was knocked down by an opponent, William falls unconsciousness for a while, but long enough to be sent in his mind to the future, a future that his father talked about.

After than incident, William finds himself in the big city, all dressed up and ready to get selected as an intern for Payne Financial Company. He is polite, says “Yes, Mam” all the time, and graces all around with his confidence. Andrea Payne, CEO and primary shareholder of the company could read out William’s personality and quickly realizes that he does not fit into a certain type of intern the company usually gets. However, was amazed by his skills to fool people around to get into her huge and already well-established company. But what William expected from the company did not exceed his expectations, as a few days later his happiness was cut short, as he was fired, left with no money or apartment. But that was just the beginning of unfortunate events that was getting worse and worse with the next arriving minute.

But the dynamic, hilarious and totally unpredicted future of William continues when he was beaten up in the bar by a stranger for crying over his present. Shortly after he had to spend a night on the streets; hours later was found by Tally Pepper, a host of the show All the Truth; then he had a sex with her that was televised live. But if you think that’s all what a poor man gets from such a wonderful future, you will have to wait for the next round of events that starts right away with a man called Oswald Chambers, another host of the show, but this time of Redemption Tonight, where those who turned against God appear live on TV. But there is one thing William learns about Oswald: he is a very generous man, true believer of defending the right of the Second Amendment to use guns when violence is used against the innocent. In this case, the innocent was William. But also, a stranger not only invites William to his house, even gladly shares his wife with him as a token of gratitude… after all, it’s God’s will, that what he says…

In addition, the satire and shockingly true storyline continues unfolding the truth of reality we all live in. The scene when William goes to school to see the religious book can be used as an example. After sometime, when the negotiations go wrong, the shooting starts, where everyone at the school had a gun, after all, it’s all about the second Amendment, isn’t it? The school turns into a battlefield, where only one person remains alive – the one who had no gun. To tell everything or even describe how thought-provoking this movie is, it’s something you will have to find out. Within one hour and a half it offers so many things that you will be kept busy by laughing and maybe even crying. It’s not like a sad movie though. But the humor of it is like old school, that only someone like Ken Finkleman could bring out. If you have seen his cult comedy Aeroplan 2, then you should know by now that fastening your seat belts won’t help you to get away from such a joyful ride

For more info, please visit the official website: “#AnAmericanDream”.

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