Canadian Film Festival 2017 Review: “Sunny Side Up” (2017) ★★★

Marc, after a car accident that took his wife’s life, can’t reconnect with the real world. After having a cornea transplant surgery and an acquaintance in the park makes Marc to reconsider his life and a way to handle better his emotional existence.

Sunny Side Up begins with Marc who is looking at a scrambled egg. As he does that, he checks on his eye covered with bandage. But it is minutes later when he is in the park we learn that he had an cornea transplant. As he sits on the bench of a residential park, a girl named Sunny approaches him with a strange question, if he is a pedophile or not. Obviously, he is not. But that was just the beginning of their interaction from which Marc learns an interesting fact about Sunny.

As the story unfolds, Marc shares his pain with Sunny, a girl from the park, as he looks more like if he would not appreciate much of his ability to regain his sight. As he closes up himself in the world of mourning due to the loss of his wife, he even stops responding to his sister’s text messages and returns no calls. But one day, when he searches for Sunny on Social network, he finds out the true origin of her appearing before him and who she really was.…

Sunny Side Up directed by Caitlin Dosa, by itself has an interesting concept. But a few scenes, I am afraid, can’t be describe here and you should see it yourself, has illogical explanation. Even though it felt important to be told in order to bring up the story of Sunny to a logical conclusion, it still made no sense no matter how hard I tried to comprehend it.

Overall, it was a good watch, compelling and worthwhile seeing. Just because sometimes life itself does not end with death, but it begins with something more beautiful when you’re able to see it as further as you can. While Marc is the one who should learn it, I am sure some viewers will also find Marc`s the life-changing lesson, or rather experience, valuable…

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