Canadian Film Festival 2017 Review: “The Heretics” (2016) ★★

With the Sun rising, it can bring plenty of new things to everyone on this Earth. Those can be, of course, good and bad changes. But there is only one person whose fate during the sunrise won’t be as pleasant as she would expect… Gloria, is yet to find out what will happen to her next….

A notorious cult kidnaps Gloria(Nina Kiri) and sacrifice themselves by the light of the locust moon. Luckily for her, next morning she wakes up thinking it was all just a nightmare. Years later when she finds herself kidnapped and taken to a remote cabin, Gloria is told that as soon as the locust moon rises, the demon inside of her that was growing all these years will come out… But the question is, why a stranger named Thomas (Ry Barrett) wants to help her and how he had learnt about all these terrible things, Gloria, of course, will have enough time to find out….

After a nightmarish dream, you will find Gloria years later, when she is dating Joan, a woman who was the victim of abuse in the past. That’s at least what you will learn from her. It is also the day before the anniversary of their smooth relationship, as well as the only night when the cult has to come together to finalize one last ritual before releasing the demon.

The Heretics justifies the genre of horror, as some scenes, musical score and even the make-up do their job perfectly. The plot itself was a bit flat and uninspiring, which unfortunately was visible to the naked eye. The actors, however, do a decent job despite the screenplay, again, that was not that richly written. However, in spite of bumpy moments, The Heretics directed by Chad Archibald is not a bad movie at all. And I am sure with good publicity it might reach a wider audience, who will appreciate it more than I did. It just happened that I was not the right one….


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