Tribeca Review: “Nobody`s Watching” (2017) ★★★

You don’t often see movies that centers around an actor, especially a famous one who leaves everything behind for bigger roles that he might or not might get in the Land of Opportunity. It was intriguing to follow Julia Solomonoff’s vision through the movie, the way she saw a male protagonist character that eventually you will find as someone who tries hard to face the challenges of life all by himself…

Nobody’s Watching follows Nico, a young man whose life is far different from what it used to be and the people in Argentina saw. He is famous, well-known and people used to take selfies with him right on the street. But now he is in the United States with an uncertain future, working as a nanny stealing goods from stores, and keeps lying to his friends about non-stop offers he’s receiving from well-known producers, whereas in reality there was nothing on the table to talk about.

Soon it was revealed that Nico is not only running away from Argentina, but rather from a complicated relationship with Martin, his inability to find balance between him and his marriage. Yes, Nico appears to be in love with Martin, but also in love with acting… But despite having a likable look for the camera, the actor from Argentina is not so in demand in New York.

The story unfolds very quickly. Nico’s personality will be developed in a way you will be able to, by looking at him, tell that he’s like a very anticipated viewer who went to watch a movie expecting it to be great but in the end got really disappointed. But then, it is always interesting to know what actors do or not do while nobody is watching them. And after seeing Nico’s situation, trust me, you would not even want to know.

In the end, Julia Solomonoff’s movie is a great way to say hello to accomplished dreams. It’s a farewell to fame and celebration of uncertainty of life not many can deal with. In the movie, you learn that Nico’s character from telenovela was put in coma in order allow the actor to embark himself on a journey towards his dreams… But in reality, Nico was in coma as well until he arrives in New York. But by the time he wakes up, he will have to see the world the way it is… But will he be ready to accept it and move on… I am afraid, you will have to see to find out.

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