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Tribeca Review: “Again” (2017) ★★★★

Groundhog Day with the legendary Bill Murray deserves to be seen as many times as time could afford. But then, when you see someone who watches the iconic movie many times like the man in Alexis Jacknow’s Again you won’t be sure if it’s a good thing to remember to stare at the screen the whole day because it’s your favorite movie…

Again begins with the man who can’t take his eyes off the screen, as his favorite movie of all times, Groundhog Day is on. A woman, whose name we learn is Abby, cooks his favorite food. The man is very pleased, and why should not he be? But there is one problem, he does not even know who that woman is, he does not know what happened to him and why he has no idea that every passing minute brings him nothing else, but the moments that lived before…

As he starts asking her questions about her identity or what she is doing in his house, the woman keeps telling that she is an alien or an angel sent by God or a friend… it depends on her mood and her desire to explain the reasons of her presence in his life. After two minutes pass since the beginning of Again you will ask the same question, who is she… and when you do your heart will simply melt and the admiration towards Alexis Jacknow’s film will grow…

Despite it being just a short film, Again is beautifully done. The storytelling is impressive, touching and deep. And the performance (Aubrey Dollar and Morrison Keddie), of course, is on the right level to keep you fully engaged for the next eleven minutes. But I guess what will surprise you most is its concept, a true love that can’t be killed and the determination of one person to not give up when there are many reasons to do otherwise.



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