Tribeca Review: “Ice Mother” (2017) ★★★★★

Ice Mother written and directed by Bohdan Slama was the first film to I saw as part of Tribeca’s pre-festival press screening at Tribeca’s Film Center in New York. Quite frankly, I was not sure what to expect from such a heavy movie early in the morning, but as soon as it started, it took all my worries away with a single gentle gesture. Yes, Bohdan Slama’s piece of art is not a regular movie or a North American movie, but it’s something which shows Eastern culture, the relationship between a mother and her sons, and that sometimes a woman can be so strong that she does not need anyone to be by her side to move mountains….

Hana is a single mother with two grown up sons, Ivan and Petr. Ivan has enough money to not worry about the future, while Petr struggles on a daily basis as he collects more debt than what he can actually handle. Ivan’s son Ivanek is a victim of bullying at school that slowly becomes a part of his personality. However, when the little boy stays at Hana’s place with Brono, the boy starts changing slowly along with Hana, whose nights are no longer lonely.

Brono is an ice swimmer who does not have a permanent address. But he has a permanent friend, Adena, who is a chicken. Who, by the way, is an excellent actor and did not have to deliver a single line, but will make you to fall in love with. There is also an interesting relationship between Ivan and Petr, the way they treat each other, or their mother. They almost look at her as if she was their maid, who have to serve them food even on her birthday.

Ice Mother is a feel good movie. It will make you cry for no reason. Just like that. It’s genuine, profound and a touching story mainly about a woman who has to look after herself in spite of having two children who are supposed to understand her age and situation. It is also well directed and written, which I should say, in a way that will touch you deeply. I can assure you in that as I had great pleasure talking with my film critic colleagues after the press screening, whose genuine tears should be enough proof for you not to think twice to watch Ice Mother.

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