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Tribeca Review: “The Lovers” (2017) ★★★★★

How far can a long-time-married couple go in order to keep their marriage alive? But if you agree upon to fight for something you believe in, what to do with the feelings that is not there to support your enthusiasm? The Lovers is a movie that reshapes the meaning of marriage, of love itself, relationship, and that it is never late to fall in love again…

The Lovers written and directed by Azazel Jacobs follows Michael and Mary whose marriage is on the edge of last breath before it dies. They share the same bed but act like two strangers. Each of them has an affair and is willing to move on, until the unexpected happens – when they start cheating on their lovers – with themselves.

Michael and Mary have completely forgotten that they used to love each other. By looking at them it will be visible to the naked eye that they don’t even know that they used to kiss each other once upon a time. One morning, whether Michael was in his sleep or dreaming of his girlfriend Lucy, he, without opening his eyes, kisses Mary, his wife, with whom he called it quits. Mary, also still asleep, does the same not realizing what she was doing at first. But when they both open their eyes and realize what they have done… It stunned them to the core… And what a moment when they finally find each other after a long time and the best romance of their life was about to begin…

The Lovers is a very detailed and nuanced film about broken marriage and that, for the sake of everyone’s happiness, must be ended. In a few days, Mary and Michael’s son Joel is about to pay visit to his parents. They all know that this is a day when they need to finalize their decision. But by the time when reach to that life-changing day, they both will start cheating on their lovers with themselves. They will act like teenagers, like lovebirds, they won’t be able to get enough of each other as they start caring about each other like never before.

In conclusion, The Lovers is the definition of love. It captures very well that anyone can be loved at any age. It gives a hope to married couples that there is always an opportunity to find a way to be with each other… for that there is no need of Google Maps, but enough to open your heart. Debra Winger and Tracy Letts deliver phenomenal performances. The way they captured the matter of lover or the importance to be the one is almost like discovering a new type of relationship not being known to humanity before. Both actors’ passionate performance makes the film to work at every level that I am sure you all will learn something new from them and more importantly that life needs to be lived to the fullest… the way Mary and Michael live.…

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