Tribeca Review: “Tilt” (2017) ★★★

Do you know what is the worst idea ever to do before you go to sleep – to watch a horror movie. Not one with so many bloody, killing and gruesome scenes… But one which does not have much of those scenes, but is cleverly crafted enough to allow your imagination to draw an image that will be worse than any bloody footage. TILT well explores the subject matter of a frustrated filmmaker, angry and jobless, whose soon-to-be-a-father opportunity becomes like a burden… But if you think that is the only thing you’re about to see, then I must say, you’re completely wrong.

TILT co-written and directed by Kasra Farahani follows a married couple, Joseph and Joanne. They seem happy together. They have uneventful days, but are still OK about it. Joanne is pregnant with their first child, and Joseph continues working on his new documentary movie. As the story unfolds, you find that something strange is happening with him. As he struggles to provide, he walks out in the streets of Los Angeles at night to do something his wife would not even expect. Yes, she kinds of worry that he is changing before her eyes, but her problem is, she should have allowed herself to be more attentive, as he will terrify not her, but you as well…

In the beginning, the main villain for Joanne and Joseph is the yet-to-become candidate to presidency, Donald Trump. The perspective of him becoming president horrifies the couple. While those scenes may appear funny, what happens next is something you would not like to see in a man, whose priority should have been his to-be born chid. Joseph continues losing his mind while he watches old videos with conspiracy as subject matter. The one that he works on is called “Golden Ages”, which sounds attractive doesn’t it? But as he watches all those archival footages or recording his voice, he changes slowly in a very negative way.

In the end, TILT is a slowly developing horror movie that’s well placed. The character development won’t leave you an opportunity to complain about as you will soon learn everything you need to know about the characters. At some point, when you will be halfway through, you will be left to guess the ending, while the rest will be done by the actors, who will just execute your kind will.  Thanks to Farahani’s directorial approach, you will learn how far a sane man can go when there is nothing left from his sanity. And when that happens, even Joseph will be terrified of himself… but by the time when it happens, even he won’t be able to do anything, but to run away… But the whole problem is, no matter how far he will manage to run away from himself, he will never be able to escape the tilt….

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