Film Review: “Awakening the Zodiac” (2017) ★★★

The Zodiac was one of the most notorious serial killers who challenged the police and FBI with codes they were unable to break. Up to this day, nobody knows his real identity and he still walks on this Earth as a free man. Awakening the Zodiac is a film that brings that sweet satisfaction of perhaps maybe in the world of Cinema that a guy like him can be caught. In Jonathan Wright’s Awakening the Zodiac¸ the viewer will get a chance to see what does it mean to hunt down a dangerous man, but then to face its consequences… At the end of the day, it has to be close to reality, a reality that none of us will ever accept…

Mick (Shane West) and Zoe (Leslie Bibb) are a married couple – happy but broken. With lots of debt and having a low income, it appears that Zoe is a driving force in the family helping Mick to slow down his unnecessary expenses. The opportunity to fix their current unfortunate situation comes when their friend Harvey gives them an old tape with double murder of a young couple. The person who killed them was Zodiac. As soon as they learn that, the police offers one hundred thousands dollars if someone brings more clue how to locate the Zodiac.

Mick and Zoe agree with Harvey to share the money as soon as they find proof that the tape belongs to the most wanted man. The three begin their own investigation, soon realizing that they might get a chance to find Zodiac and bring him to justice. Shane West’s Mick is a very caring husband, however, he still depends on Zoe’s decision, for instance, when he follows the dark figure in the middle of the night, it is Zoe who probably saves his life by stopping him from going further. Zoe, in the meantime, makes some silly mistakes, but in the situation all of them find themselves in, I would love to see myself or anyone else not to make a similar one…

As a person who has seen multiple movies about Zodiac, even with the same title directed by David Finch and starring Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal. I was curious to learn about Jonathan Wright’s pattern he decides to follow in his film, and frankly, was surprised. Despite the flat screenplay, Awakening the Zodiac has many likable scenes. Even its conclusion was reasonable and logical. Overall, it had enough suspense and nail-biting scenes, engaging and well acted.

In the end, Awakening the Zodiac does not offer something mind-blowing, but it was simplicity that you will like the most. As you watch the movie, you won’t find any boring scenes or desire to skip the rest of the film. With films like this, what is important is the director’s approach to ensure that he will make the movie in a way that’ll keep the viewer engaged throughout. Thanks to its concept, it was engaging – from start to end….

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