ICFF 2017 Review: “Piuma” (2016) ★★★★

Not many movies about teenagers, unexpected pregnancy and family drama is convincing enough to watch. I mean, it depends how it was told, directed and more importantly, acted. Roan Johnson’s Piuma is a movie that caught me by surprise. It’s a concept and how passionately it was narrated made me wonder why stories like this we don’t see much on TV? Why can’t we teach the younger generation with compassion and understanding when they face their most difficult time? Maybe it was just an Italian approach to it, or European. Does not matter. What matters is this heartwarming story will touch you and won’t leave you indifferent…

Ferro and Cate, two teenagers’ lives turns upside down when they find themselves in a very difficult situation – and that situation is Cate’s unexpected pregnancy. Having an irresponsible father like Alfredo, Cate thinks she can rely only on Ferro and his really caring and supportive family, his mother Carla and father Franco. During the course of nine months, Ferro and Cate will learn and grow smarter, their challenges and troubles won’t stop even for a bit, but the spirit of the family and their desire to overcome problems will help them to move forward.

As the story unfolds, Franco and Cate will have to postpone their vacation to Morocco. They have to continue their study. Cate’s father keeps creating more problems for his own daughter by losing his last money on gambling. The entire family is like a box full of surprises with so many emotions and expectations from this pregnancy. But Ferro as usual, still does not know how to help Cate to ease her nine months, which eventually turns into the longest summer of their lives.

Luigi Fedele and Bu Yoshimi as Ferro and Cate are simply adorable. There is something about them I can’t really figure out. They are so genuine and their ability to understand their characters is very applaudable. No matter what kind of mistakes Ferro makes, through Luigi Fedele’s performance you will be willing to forgive him for everything – and I really mean it.

Overall, Piuma is an absolutely charming movie. With all these dreams Ferro and Cate have is something that makes the viewer to go through, to see, whether can they achieve what they want for themselves or for their child… But as you watch all their drama in Italian style, you will be surprised how none of them got a heart attack by the end of the film… but in a very funny way. After all, Piuma was not made to cry, but to laugh… but you will be doing both at the same time…


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