ICFF 2017 Review: “7 Giorni” (2016) ★★★

Love cannot be controlled, forced or forgotten. However, all those questions are well-raised in Rolando Colla’s feature film 7 Days (original title: 7 Giorni). Two people meet each other on an island to manage a very important event, but are caught in a passionate love affair that will last seven days, but the most incredible and unforgettable thing is that they will find it hard to let it go. But everything comes to an end… for a new start… a start, they don’t even know about…

Ivan and Chiara met each other on the Sicilian Island of Levanzo to organize the wedding of his brother Richard and Chiara’s best friend Francesca. Ivan is willing to do anything to ensure everything is set for the ceremony, which is in seven days, where his brother would tie the knot. They find themselves in an uncomfortable situation when Ivan and Chiara have reasonable doubt if they ever will be able to pull off the impossible task… Through the busy schedule, the two start falling for each other to the level where they have to question themselves: What next?

Ivan is already married. Through his skype conversation with his wife, he revisits their challenges and hopes that maybe this time he will finally show his capability to keep the love alive until the end of his heartbeat. However, even Chiara notices in Ivan that he seems to run away from love as if it was an infectious disease.  But with Chiara he learns that love is not that bad at all, and to spend the rest of one’s life with a loved one is even better….

Sometimes thought-provoking, 7 Giorni questions marriage, relationship and what needs to be done in order to have it last longer. Through its brave and intelligent concept Cola’s film, especially the one with broken relationship, will teach valuable lessons. It captures that everything matters; love is important and more important to not be with the one who won’t appreciate that. The examination of life and future is outstanding here… So if by any chance you need an advice how to move forward with your future, you can use 7 Giorni as a trustful source of information.

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