ICFF 2017 Review: “In Guerra Per Amore” (2016) ★★★★★

The only rule which works during war and will exist long after it is – total control. Control, that regardless of its nature or people’s background, the power will be given to the one who can keep it for a longer amount of time. What had been described in In Guerra Per Amore, whose English title is At War with Love is a sad truth delivered through tragedy and comedy at the same time. Its philosophical  approach and unsettling truth is something we, as human beings better not know about it…

Hope is a good thing and love even better. Arturo Giammaresi is deeply, madly and truly in love with Flora, a girl with an Italian descent living in New York. Their moments together at Brooklyn Bridge and an awkward selfie by the bridge was truly hilarious and charming. But in order to marry her, Arturo must get her father’s permission to marry her. But the problem is, it’s 1943, the World War II is underway and her father lives in Sicily’s Scufallo. Well, not being able to pronounce the word “water” properly, the officer thinks the man says: “I want a war.” So he gives him one by sending him to Sicily on U.S. Army’s expenses to help find an ally in the local society, which by the way was governed by the Mafia.

Arturo makes his trip to the most dangerous area but lands, travelling on the back of a donkey, in the bedroom of a local girl in a little city which causes chaos more than flying bombs. In order to protect the dignity and integrity of an innocent girl, her father keeps Arturo as a hostage, the same as lieutenant Philip Chiamparino (Andrea Di Stefano) with whom he develops a special bond. As the comedy continues, an American soldier finds the local Mafia guy, called Don Calo. Through him they create a needed connection not knowing that the power they have given him will be abused with the first arrived opportunity.

Not giving much away from the film, the story unfolds quite quickly. As you laugh on some intelligent jokes, the viewer will notice some truth in it. In the meantime, there is an interesting style in PIF’s movie, who portrays a protagonist character which is incredibly touching and so Italian. It has a unique humor, a sense of reality and how to implement it onto the big screen. On top of that, it’s an intelligent film and made only for those who will understand genuine language of reality.

In conclusion, PIF’s At War with Love deserves to demand a special attention. It deserves to be talked about, cared and loved by every audience that will appreciate PIF’s piece of mind. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, it was still a hilarious movie to watch by the entire family. Having said that, At War with Love should never be graded or put into any category of film you might prefer to see, because it’s something else, new and unique… A movie that not many make nowadays… And must be cherished as much as we can… by seeing it as soon as you or me get a chance.

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