ICFF 2017 Review: “Like Crazy” (2017) ★★★★★

It will be fair if I start my review by stating how talented and versatile Micaela Ramazzotti is as an actress. She can appear in comedy or drama. She can move easily from one scene to another and nail every part of it in the blink of an eye. About the concept of the movie; there was something interesting about it. It follows two different women that share the same fate – they both have been locked in a mental hospital. Beatrice (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) is so uncontrollable that sometimes there is no line left she would not cross. Donatella is the opposite of Beatrice… She went through bigger trouble… and in the light of Beatrice, she looks a much better person… Despite that, these two incredibly funny and wrecked-by-life women develop a special connection that helps them to guide through the darkest time of their lives.

Beatrice always talks a lot. She talks so much that even mentally ill people in a special sanatorium can’t handle her. In the meantime, she is intelligent, imaginative, and a quick-thinking person. She can pretend to be anyone if she wishes. And she did as a doctor when she interviewed Donatella, when she first arrived at the hospital. Donatella is much younger than Beatrice. She is a drug addict and takes so many medications that, most likely, you will lose count of it.

As the story unfolds, the viewer will try to learn more about Donatella, her choices and how she ended up being locked up in the first place. As an emotional revelation was about to be uncovered, Beatrice and Donatella were about to embark themselves into a journey where they learn to navigate independently through every barrier that comes their way. And there will be plenty. Some of them will be funny. Some of them will be sad. But mostly, everything about the two spending time together outside of hospital is cute, adorable and absolutely charming.

Indeed, I purposely mentioned nothing about how Donatella and Beatrice ended up outside of the facility. And the reason for that is very simple – it’s something worth finding out as you watch it. Also, written directed by Paolo Virzi, Like Crazy offers a refreshing approach of how the society should cure people with mental illness. Donatella even delivers an emotional, but sadly, brutally honest line: “They want me to cure my depression. But if they really want that, why won’t they do that by bringing back my son?” You see, there are many people out there who are far away from their loved ones – they have been medicated and treated for any level of mental illness…

But this film offers compassion and sympathy towards people like Donatella and Beatrice, who are better off being under the wing of kind people rather than rude and empty hearted. Overall, Like Crazy is a film that brings back the golden era of Italian Cinema. Every single dialogue, scene and directing is true masterpiece. It’s funny and that’s a fact. But it’s more like a drama when as you follow these two wonderful women, you find a deep meaning into what happens inside of the film, and outside of it. Good or bad, Like Crazy delivers its own life-changing lesson that it’s always easy to label somebody as mentally ill, but difficult to understand them. But when the attempt is being made, everything comes so easy that you will understand why people get sick in the first place.

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