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Fantasia 17: “Tiere” (2017) ★★★★

Every movie is good in its own way. It’s just a matter of whether we understand its point or not – for instance, you can watch David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive as many time as you wish, but only after sometime you might draw some conclusion. But when it comes to Greg Zglinski’s Tiere (Animals), it won’t be that easy to swallow anything coming your way… Because it might not be as great as Lynch’s masterpiece, but close enough to make you to scratch your head throughout the film…

Anna (Birgit Minichmayr) and Nick (Philipp Hochmair) are planning their trip to Switzerland. As they try to place everything in order prior to their long awaited six months vacation, an outrageous thing happens during their road trip when Nick accidentally hits the ship. That moment is a turning point when everything from normal turns into instability, from bad to worse… and anything that appeared as sane minutes ago no longer the same…

Anna is the child author who just transitioned from writing a kid story to becoming a novelist for adults. That said, she writes a novel where a wife carries a plan to murder her husband. In order for Anna to be able to relax and extract as much ideas as she can from her creative brain, the viewer learns the main reason of Nick and Anna’s trip. Before they depart for Switzerland, the couple decide to rent out their gorgeous apartment to Mischa, who soon joins the line of crazy people this movie is all about.

What is strange about all Nick-Anna-Mischa stuff is that there is somebody else involved, we learnt to be Nick’s lover Andrea. And that’s her who we find right in the beginning of the film jumping out of the window, but when the camera slowly moves down, nobody except for us witness a suicide.  But as the story unfolds, there are many things which appear illogical and makes no sense in terms of what happens with the characters.

But that is the juicy part of the film, where you as a viewer watch a movie that you have no idea about, and know a little what to expect from it in the end. But if you, I failed though, will pay enough attention, you will be able to solve the puzzle before the movie ends. And if you do so, please give yourself a big high-five for being able to go that far…

In conclusion, Greg Zglinski’s movie is an excellent psychological thriller with the element of horror. It may not have gruesome scenes, but has enough to influence you to replay the scenes in your head all over again before the film comes to an end. Acting wise, there is no complaint at all. The story is developed well and characters were open enough to read them out. Indeed, Tiere is a confusing movie you may say, but don’t let that fact distance you from watching it because it’s a solid piece of movie we all should be happy it was made.

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