Fantasia 17: “Attraction” (2017) ★★

Fedor Bondarchuk is an excellent filmmaker whose achievements in Russian cinematography is undeniable. His knowledge and directing skills are outstanding. I just wish all of them were used in his latest “Attraction”. In order to realize the level of unnecessity of making this film in the first place, one should speak the original language, meaning Russian, to see how horribly it was performed by actors. But while the poor performance still could have been forgiven, it’s the plot that will puzzle you the most…

Speaking of the plot, it follows an incident right after an alien ship crashes into the Russian city, Moscow. While the army tries to figure out what to do next, the Colonel’s (Oleg Menshikov) daughter Yulya Lebedeva (Irina Starshenbaum) declares her own war against aliens along with her boyfriend Artyom (Alexander Petrov). However, her attitude will soon change after making her first contact with an alien, who did not appear as villainous as the rest of the Earth thought…

There are so many gaps in the storyline like it was written by someone who never proofread his screenplay. It tried to be smart, but that never happens throughout the movie. For instance, Yuliya who does not know the nature of aliens who appear on Earth, begins taking her first action to become a defender of her planet. But as you know, with one little gun nobody can go further, especially, if that further means to kill the aliens.

But she changes her mind afterwards when that ugly with an unwelcoming look alien turns into a handsome human being who she falls for right away. She not only realizes how to save his life, but even has a great plan to return his Shilk, that means to take him back home. But all that is just the beginning of a whole mess that can be considered as unfinished and should never be allowed to get released movie.

Overall, there is not much to say about “Attraction”. It’s a painfully boring and unwatchable film, surprisingly directed by renowned filmmaker. So if you ask me whether this movie deserves to be seen or not, my answer will be straightforward. But it is fair to say that every movie deserves to get a chance to be seen, loved or even hated. Whether I or many other might disagree with me, “Attraction” is the movie that should reach the wider audience, so everybody can see that some products must be left in the dusty shelves to remain in peace and untouchable for the sake of humanity….

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