Fantasia 17: “Bad Black” (2016) ★★★

Whenever the time comes for International Film Festivals such as Fantasia that takes place in Montreal, we film critics get so eager to watch international product rather than local, or Hollywood movies as we already know what to expect from ourselves or from our neighbors. But when you see movies like Bad Black co-written and directed by Nabwana I.G.G, the only question which will cross your mind is how could a movie like this end up at such a prestigious festival? But when you give yourself another chance to think over, you might start to understand why… And that, by the way, is a good thing….

There is no straightforward synopsis for this movie I could come up with nor simplify it. It has a mix of everything  – a Bollywood premise, Rambo type of fights, kung fu, guns and plenty of killings… but all of them through laughter and fake blood. Even the guns being used in the movie appear like toys and the fighting scenes are epic and awfully funny. But in order to process everything you will be seeing for one hour and ten minutes, it is highly recommended to forget about big budget movies and pretend that you live in a little island where the biggest movie ever made is – home video.

The movie evolves around Bad Black (Nalwanga Gloria), a young woman who can’t stand anyone who calls or considers himself as ‘commando’. In the meantime, an American doctor who now resides in Uganda falls as a victim to Bad Black, and now seeks vengeance. And the funniest part is that he is trained by a six year old boy named Wesley Snipes to become a well trained soldier. But the things is, it does not matter what kind of skills he will develop as people will have to stand against ones who have none which makes harder to offer them anything other than hit-and-run method of war…

Overall, there is not much to direct in Bad Black. It is, however, an easy going, silly and culturally amusing movie for the one who will understand and even appreciate it. Many, and do not ask why, won’t even get the point of the entire movie travelling all the way from Uganda, but if you pretend you’re the one, them I am sure you will love it the way I did.

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